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Centres accepting private candidates

Private candidates

A private candidate is a learner who wants to take a qualification but doesn't want to study full-time at a school or college. This includes learners who are:

  • home-schooled
  • self-taught
  • looking to resit/retake an assessment
  • students studying a course not offered by their own school or college.
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Summer 2021 - UK GCSEs and A levels

The JCQ have published a list of schools, colleges and training providers based in the UK that will accept private candidates for UK qualifications for the summer 2021 examination series.

You can find the list by using this link:

Summer 2021 - International GCSEs and A Levels 

We have surveyed our approved schools, colleges and training providers to find out whether or not they will consider applications from private candidates for International GCSEs and International A Levels for the summer 2021 examination series.

You can find the details of the centres that are willing to accept private candidates both in the UK and Internationally below.

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Once you’ve found a centre, they will help you with the registration process. To register, you’ll need to provide the school or college with:

  • your full name, address, postcode and date of birth
  • a telephone number
  • details of the subjects for which you want to register
  • details of any coursework marks you want to transfer (if relevant)
  • your Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI) number (if you've previously taken Pearson exams)
  • your bank details.

No schools or colleges shown in your area?

We only share the information of centres who've told us they accept applications from private candidates. If there isn't a centre shown in your area, this means that there are no centres in your area who've asked for us to share their details. You can still try contacting schools and colleges in your area to see if they accept private candidates but we can't supply you with any information relating to them.

Centre details

If you're an approved UK centre and wish to add, amend or remove your centre details from the list above, we will soon be providing you with a new survey link to complete for the 2021 examination series. 

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