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Functional Skills

Find out what onscreen tests are available for Edexcel Functional Skills, and how you can start offering them. For an overview of Functional Skills assessment methods, see About Functional Skills.  

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In addition to fixed assessment opportunities throughout the year, we also offer onscreen, on-demand tests for Pearson Functional Skills in English (Reading and Writing) and Mathematics across Levels 1 and 2.

Sets of sample onscreen assessments are available for English and maths.

Pearson has onscreen sample assessments, practice papers and retired live papers to support your learners. These assessments need to be downloaded on your computers, for assistance on this, follow our guide Practice Test Player Installation Guide.

Once a learner has completed an assessment, a PDF can be downloaded for you to mark.

Start offering onscreen tests 

To start offering onscreen assessments for Functional Skills, check out this guide and complete the form:

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