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Taxi and private hire

Here, you'll find details of the onscreen tests we offer for our BTEC Specialist taxi and private hire qualifications.

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Sample tests give a taste and feel of the item types and vocational contexts in which learners may find questions set. They are not marked, and should only be used to familiarise candidates with the platform and item templates, rather than to practice and prepare for the test. The structure of a sample test does not follow the structure of the real test, and it may be made up of a small number of questions from multiple units. Mark schemes will not be provided.

Specimen tests are full tests that exemplify the structure of the real test, and can be used by candidates to prepare for the real test. Mark schemes will be provided. They would normally exemplify the standard by which the live papers are written, too. Specimen tests are not available in all subject areas.

Practice papers (coming soon for some qualifications) are full papers that candidates can use to help prepare, or practice. They do not define a standard for other tests.

Pearson Level 2 BTEC in Introduction to the Role of the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Driver

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Questions per test Durations of test  
1 Unit 1: Health and Safety in the taxi and private hire work environment   24 35 mins
2 Unit 2: Road safety when driving Passengers in a taxi or private hire vehicle 30 45 mins
3 Unit 3: Professional Customer Service in the Taxi and Private hire Industry 20 35 mins
4 Unit 5: The regulatory framework of the taxi and private hire Industry   60 75 mins
5 Unit 6: Taxi and private hire services for passengers who require assistance (Learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4 only) 30 45 mins
6 Unit 7: Routes and fares in the taxi and private hire vehicle industries   20 35 mins
7 Unit 8: Transporting parcels, luggage, and other items in the taxi and private hire industries 20 35 mins
8 Unit 4: Taxi and private hire vehicle maintenance and safety inspections 25 35 mins
9 Unit 9: Transporting children and young persons by taxi or private hire vehicle   25 35 mins
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