We know that the closure of schools and colleges and the cancellation of the summer exam series has been very unsettling for both students and parents and you may feel anxious about what this means for your results. Our main priority now is to ensure that all students are awarded the grades that they have worked so hard for, so you can continue to the next stage, whether that be further education, university, apprenticeships or work.

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We’ll be providing you with information and support in the lead up to results day and beyond so you can be sure you have all the information you need to take your next steps. We’ll update this page regularly to provide guidance for you and help answer your questions.

Please do read a letter to students from Sharon Hague, our Senior Vice President for Schools, that provides you with more information about how your grades will be calculated this summer, results days and next steps for you.

You can learn more using the link below, or download the PDF.

Letter to students and learners, 7 July 2020

Letter to students and learners, 7 July 2020 (PDF | 115KB)

How exam boards will award student grades in summer 2020

Take a look this short video that explains how students grades will be calculated and awarded in summer 2020.


Ofqual have published a guide for students receiving qualification results in England this summer to help you understand how your results have been awarded, what to expect on results day and what do to if your grades are not what you were hoping for.

Student guide to post-16 qualification results: summer 2020


The FAQs on this web page will provide you with support to understand how your GCSE/International GCSE, A/AS level/International A/AS level, iPrimary and iLowerSecondary results will be calculated this year. To find out more about BTEC grades will be calculated see our BTEC support for students. 

> See BTEC support for students


We have a number of resources available on our website that may be helpful for you and your schools. 


Schools and colleges provided exam boards with centre assessment grades this year in the absence of exams.  

The centre assessment grades contained teachers’ professional judgements of the most likely grades students would have achieved, had they taken their exams.  

Exam boards will use a statistical model, developed by Ofqual, to look at things like historical data and the national picture, as well as the data from schools, to issue final grades. 

This is really important as it makes the process as fair as it can be for everyone, by ensuring the same grading standards are applied for all schools and colleges and that grades remain comparable from one year to the next.  


Schools and colleges provided exam boards with: 

  • a centre assessment grade for each student 
  • a rank order of all students within each grade, for every subject. 

Your teachers will have based their decisions on a range of evidence, including any work you may have completed in class, coursework, any prior exam or mock results, and your general performance during the course.


Exam scripts and marks are subject to an exemption in the Data Protection Act 2018.  The Information Commissioner has confirmed that this exemption applies to the centre assessment grades being submitted by teachers in place of the normal summer exams. 

As a result, information relating to centre assessment grades must not be disclosed until after results are officially published.   

We are aware that many centres have put in place processes to enable students to obtain information about their centre assessment grade(s) from results day onwards. You may therefore wish to contact your centre first before submitting a subject access request to Pearson. 

However, if you encounter any difficulties in obtaining this information directly from your centre, or would prefer to deal directly with Pearson, please contact ukdataprotection@pearson.com

Results days this year will still be as follows:

  • Level 3 Qualifications - AS/A levels and International A levels – 13 August 2020
  • Level 2 Qualifications – GCSEs/International GCSEs – 20 August 2020
  • iPrimary and iLowerSecondary (international students) – 20 August 2020

As there were no exams sat in the summer this year, there will not be any grade boundaries generated. 


Ofqual have now confirmed that students cannot challenge their individual centre assessment grades this year, as any appeal would have to be undertaken by someone better placed than your teachers to judge your likely grade if exams had taken place. In the unique circumstances of this summer, Ofqual do not believe there is any such person. However, if you or others have concerns about bias, discrimination or any other factor that suggests that a school or college did not behave with care or integrity when determining the centre assessment grade and/or rank order information then these should be raised with your school or college first.

Future assessment opportunities

If you are unhappy with your result and/or appeal outcome, you will be able to sit/resit the exam in an exam series being run in autumn this year.  All subjects that would have been offered in the summer 2020 examinations will be offered this autumn.


Yes. Your results this year are as equally valid as any other previous year and will allow you to move on to your next step.

We hope that many of you will be happy with the outcomes you receive.  Whilst you cannot appeal your individual grade you should speak with your school or college or us and we will try and support you.  You can contact us through the support portal here. You may also wish to sit the exam in the autumn series.

Yes.  Your results this year are as equally valid as any other previous year.  Everybody is aware of the circumstances this year and has been asked to think flexibly to support learners. You should contact your college or university to discuss your individual circumstances to try and reach an outcome.