FAQs for autumn results 2020

We know that there may be some differences between awarding organisations. This was as we expected and was outlined in the Ofqual data exchange document.

One exam board might have different results because the students entering with them in autumn were very different from the summer cohort.​ Organisations have then made sure that they've been as fair as possible to these students.

Grade boundaries often vary from series to series. However, we do understand that these may appear different than usual.

This is because we have taken the outcomes in summer 2020 to determine what the boundaries may have been.

Also, in some subjects, components which were non-examined were removed in autumn 2020, so there are differences in the maximum mark available and in the scaling (e.g. A level French).

Grades in the summer were based on the centre assessment grades (CAGs) that were given by teachers.

This series has been based on individual candidates' exam performance and awarded to the aligned standard from 2020.

At Pearson, we've followed the guidance of the Ofqual data exchange procedures. We've made sure that the boundaries have moved so that the same proportion of students receive the key grades as those who sat the specifications in summer 2020.

All awarding organisations have been following the same Ofqual data exchange procedures. The results for this series have also been calculated to ensure that the candidates sitting this exam series are treated as fairly as possible when compared to those candidates who received grades in summer 2020.

This is called scaling. Scaling is common on some of our qualifications, but will appear differently for this series for some of the qualifications offered. This is due to some components being removed from this exam series.

The scaling factor allows us to ensure that the qualification maintains the correct weighting at subject level.

FAQs for all students

Past exam papers for the qualifications Pearson offer can be downloaded from the past papers webpage.

Please note: some exam materials are not available for download, these are indicated by a padlock icon. These are recent exams and are only available to be downloaded by teachers, to be used as mock exams for the first nine months after an examination has been sat. After nine months, the papers will become available for anyone to download.

You can request a replacement document from Pearson. This official document outlines your achievements within the qualification and is recognised by employers and education centres as a valid document.

Please note: this document is different from a Student Result slip, which is only available from your school or college.

Our standard service aims to provide an official document to replace your original certificate in 20 working days. For an additional fee, you can request a priority service for a dispatch within five working days. This service is only available for academic qualifications awarded after 1996.

If we don't find your results, we will provide a partial refund of £20. The rest of the replacement certificate fee will go towards the initial search and administration costs.

We can send an official document as official confirmation of your results to a third party. Select our Documents for third parties standard service on our online form and we’ll send the documentation to your required destination.

Our standard service aims to provide an official document to replace your original certificate in 20 working days. For an additional fee you can request a priority service for a dispatch within five working days. This service is only available for academic qualifications awarded after 1996.

To track your replacement certificate application, visit our tracking page. You will have received a tracking code in the confirmation email of your application.

If you haven't received a confirmation email:

  • check your spam folder
  • check you entered the correct email address on your application
  • on the tracking page, enter the tracking number of your replacement certificate application in the text box underneath 'Check status of request' and click on the 'Go' button. The current status of your request is displayed.

If you can't find your tracking code, contact us using the link below.

If you need your application to be processed sooner than the standard 20 working days, you can apply for fast-track service (includes an additional fee) by contacting us using the link below. The fast-track service will aim to deliver your request within five working days and is only available for academic qualifications completed in January 1996 or later.

Specifications for the qualifications Pearson offer can be downloaded. To do this:

  1. Click the link below.
  2. Select the subject of the specification you wish to view.
  3. Select the qualification type and level from the right-hand side of the page.

FAQs for private candidates

To find a centre where you can sit an exam as a private candidate, Pearson offers an interactive map to help you locate your nearest centre.

Please note: the map only displays centres that granted us permission to advertise them on our website. If you do not find a suitable centre, you may wish to contact other centres in your local area to see if they can accomodate Private Candidates.

In order to find a Pearson centre outside the UK where you can sit an exam, please select the link below and complete the search fields to find details of Pearson-approved centres.

If you're unhappy with your results or think your assessment has been marked incorrectly, there are several options available to you. See our post-results services page to see what services we offer.

View post-results services

Please note: it is not possible for a paper to be remarked. Instead, post-results services can review the marking of a paper. A senior examiner will check your paper against the mark scheme and perform a clerical check, ensuring everything you have written has been marked and your marks have been entered into the system correctly.

Private candidates, who wish to request post-results services, can request this from the centre where you sat your examination. Alternatively, you can request post-results services directly through Pearson by contacting us using the link below.

Contact us