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Understanding marks and grades

Using the BTEC grade calculator

Find out how qualification grades are aggregated for the BTEC Firsts, Tech Awards and BTEC Nationals (first teaching from 2016) with our grade calculators.

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You can use the calculator to:

  • calculate the overall grade that a learner will achieve based on their results for each unit
  • model potential outcomes should a learner obtain certain grades in the external unit(s)
  • plan your courses - the calculator tells you if a unit is internal or external
  • check unit combinations will be eligible for certification
  • use our Reverse calculators to ‘reverse calculate’ the required externally assessed mark and grade based on internally assessed unit achievement, and a qualification outcome.

Download the grade calculators

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Frequently asked questions

Clear the sector and any optional units and then try again. If you can’t fix the problem, please contact your subject specialist.

Select the relevant cell and press the 'Delete' or 'Backspace' key on your keyboard. You can also use the drop-down arrow to correct the mistake. 

All you need to know to deliver BTEC

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System requirements and limitations

You'll need the full version of Microsoft Excel 2010, or a later version, in order to use the grade calculator.

Calculating a grade

  1. Select the qualification size.
  2. Choose from the list of available sectors in the orange drop-down box.
  3. Select the optional units from the orange drop-down box. This will only let you choose certain units based on the rules of combination set out in the specification. The GLH total will stay red until you’ve selected a sufficient number.
  4. Select the grade for each unit that the learner has achieved (or is predicted to achieve). The calculator will automatically calculate the points as you enter each grade.
  5. The final grade and points total will be displayed below.
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