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Pearson copyright policy

All of the materials we publish are protected by copyright legislation. However, we allow Pearson centres to access our materials for some purposes and in certain contexts. Learn more about copyright here.

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Reproduction of Edexcel materials by centres

All materials published by Edexcel are protected by copyright legislation and may not be copied or made available electronically in whole or in part without permission from Pearson. This includes specifications, schemes of work, past question papers and mark schemes, and all other materials.

We do give permission for our centres to access and copy our materials in certain contexts, including those related to examinations. These circumstances are detailed below.

Question papers and mark schemes

If you're an approved examination centre, you don't need to get our permission to reproduce or make available past papers and mark schemes, provided you observe the following conditions:

  • You only use photocopies and print-outs from web downloads or CD-ROMs for practice examinations or revision or for teaching purposes within the centre.
  • You don't charge students or anyone else for any of these materials.

Certain papers that contain material copyrighted by third parties may not be made available to you in whole or in part for revision purposes because those copyright owners have not given permission for use beyond the original examination.

Intranets and microsites

You may save copies of Edexcel materials onto your centre's intranet or microsite provided you observe the following conditions:

  • These intranets or microsites are for use by the centre community only and cannot be accessed publicly.
  • Materials are used for the purposes of instruction only.
  • Materials are not copied for a different use outside the centre.
  • Materials are not offered for sale in any format.
  • The integrity of the original materials is maintained - for example, meanings are not changed and items remain unabridged.
  • Past question papers and mark schemes are retained on intranets or microsites for no longer than 5 years after the examination series for which the question paper was produced.
  • Your centre is responsible for ensuring that if Edexcel issues an updated or amended version of a document (for instance a specification) this must replace the earlier version on your intranet.

You may be asked to confirm that you have observed all the above conditions.

Audio components

Music and language CDs must not be copied or digitised. Where third-party copyright restrictions allow, we will make available electronic files of audio components. We may vary these conditions at any time.


We would be pleased to receive feedback on this policy or any of our publications services.

You can contact the Copyright Manager directly by email at

If you have any other queries about publications, please send us a message.

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