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Guidance and administration

Here, you'll find everything you need to conduct examinations in your centre, from ordering stationery to tracking your examination papers. 

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The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) publishes information for all examination bodies. It has a set of common regulations for centres across academic and vocational qualifications, which you'll also find in the pages below.

Summer 2024 Exams & Assessment Administration Support

Take a look at our guidance for essential exam administration processes for spring and summer 2024 including tracking exam papers, ordering stationery and non-examined assessment submission.

Our support article covers all you need to know to run a smooth exam series. Bookmark this article so you have it to hand when you need it.

EO support: Essential information

Examination stationery

We will routinely send you quantities of examination stationery and envelopes relating to the entries that you make.

The stationery and materials list provides information on the stationery and equipment required for our general qualification examinations in the next series. The list is provided here as a spreadsheet which you can download and filter to your requirements.

Stationery and materials spreadsheet

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If you wish, you can order additional quantities of these items by visiting our additional stationery requests site. 

Request additional stationery

Administration time

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Exams Officers can now print their own labels or request a collection via the Pacelforce website for delivery of material to our Hellaby processing sites.

Please watch this short video for guidance on how to request a replacement label using the parcelforce portal.

Print label or request a collection for General Qualifications and BTEC.
Print label or request a collection for Functional Skills on demand.

Replacement label portal support video

Using the Replacement Label portal
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You can now track your consignments of papers using our online question paper despatch tool on Edexcel Online. (Please note that, for security purposes, you'll need an Edexcel Online registered email address.)

With the online tool, you can:

  • View which question papers have been sent to you
  • Track the papers' delivery progress
  • Obtain delivery details for the consignment of question papers.

Please note that you cannot use this online tool to track:

Need help? Watch our Question Paper Despatch Tutorial Video.

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