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Onscreen testing

Find out more about onscreen testing, an alternative to traditional, paper-based assessments.

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An onscreen test is run on a computer. The assessment is more enjoyable for the candidate and more flexible for centres than paper-based testing, but is designed and validated with the same rigour as a traditional test. You can download free, sample tests to help familiarise your students with the look and feel of an onscreen test.

We offer onscreen tests for BTEC and Edexcel Functional Skills qualifications.

There are two different types of software, and the one you will use will depend on which qualifications you are delivering:

  • next generation BTEC Firsts and units that form part of the Business Skills Apprenticeships use the Pearson Onscreen Platform
  • Functional Skills and any other BTEC courses use Promissor software.

Key benefits

All onscreen tests offer:

  • free software installation, training and technical support
  • improved accessibility and less paper-based administration
  • on-demand testing: tests can be taken when learners are ready.

Get started with onscreen testing

To find out more about onscreen testing or start offering tests, choose a qualification below:

Next generation BTEC Firsts

BTEC Specialist qualifications

Functional Skills

Help and support with onscreen tests

For BTEC (QCF) and Edexcel Functional Skills

Onscreen testing FAQs

Support for administators, assessors and technicians


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