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Find out more about our MySkills qualifications, teaching learners the essential skills for life. 

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What are MySkills qualifications?

MySkills is a suite of qualifications designed to equip learners with the know-how to make a positive contribution as adults, both at home and in the community.

From driving to cooking skills, you can choose from a range of engaging, inspiring courses that will appeal to teachers and learners alike.

Why take MySkills?

Developed with partners including the Driving Standards Agency and Nationwide, MySkillls qualifications are designed to motivate and engage learners with topics that are close to their hearts.

Whatever your future plans or academic ability, MySkills courses will give you the skills you need for life, from preparing a meal at home, to successfully budgeting and saving for that all-important item, or making a difference in the community.

Designed to suit all types of learners, MySkills courses can be personalised to help you fill your individual gaps in skills. You’ll work through a range of short, practical units, gaining credits and a sense of achievement for every part you complete.

Why teach MySkills?

MySkills qualifications offer the flexibility required to suit the needs of your learners and can be tailored to your centre’s learning programme.

  • A huge range of short units and a year-round registration window allow you to register students at any time and on as many qualifications as is required.
  • Curriculum mapping is provided so that you can easily slot MySkills units into your current enrichment programme and lessons.
  • Units from different levels can be mixed and matched so that you can stretch and challenge high achievers.
  • You’re supported all the way with specifications for each qualification, plus a huge range of resources, sample assignments and student logbooks.
  • All units are internally assessed and approved so administration time can be adapted to your timetable.

Next steps

To see what MySkills subjects we offer, visit the MySkills homepage.

Praise for Home Cooking Skills from St Philip’s School:

“This is a fantastic course which is accrediting our students with the very important skills of shopping and cooking. We have always supported students with cooking skills, but the courses we have tried before were not as functional as the Home Cooking course. It is perfect for our learners because we can differentiate for different abilities, yet still gain a valid and appropriate qualification.”