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Diversity, equality and inclusion

We believe that the Drama curriculum should be representative and inclusive of all learners.

As part of our continued commitment to diversity and inclusion, we have added four new performance texts for first teaching in 2021 and first assessment in 2022 to ensure that the choice for teachers is broader and more representative.

Our work is part of Pearson’s commitment to ensuring our qualifications and support materials offer wider opportunities to diversity, equality and inclusion.

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New performance texts added to our qualification

We have added four performance texts to Component 3 to ensure that the choice for teachers is broader and more representative. 

The four texts are: 

List A (pre-1954):

  • A Doll’s House, Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Tanika Gupta 

  • Antigone, Sophocles, adapted by Roy Williams.

List B (post-2000): 

  • The Free9, In-Sook Chappell

  • Gone Too Far!, Bola Agbaje. 

We’ve been working with The Royal Court Theatre and London Theatre Consortium on decolonising the curriculum. These external partners set all Awarding Bodies (offering GCSE Drama) a provocation to increase representation within set text 'canonical' lists by including at least two works by non-white British playwrights. We have gone beyond this by adding four texts, which equates to 33% of the texts we offer being written by non-white British playwrights.

Learn more about our work on our Diversity, equality and inclusion page.

Coming soon – our online webinar in June!

We’re excited to announce that we’re planning an online webinar in June to provide you all with more information on our new performance texts. 

The webinar overview:

  • hear from the writers of the new performance texts

  • find out a detailed overview of each performance text

  • dive into our support materials 

  • hear useful guidance from the Component 3 Principal Examiner. 

Supporting resources

New set text guides will be available to download for first teaching from September 2021. 

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