Why switch to Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Drama?

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  • clear and coherent structure – our qualification has a straightforward structure with three components, one that focuses on devising, one that focuses on performing in or designing for a performance from a text and one that focuses on practical understanding of a performance text.
  • practical focus – this qualification focuses on the practical exploration of performance texts.
  • engaging prescribed texts – we have selected a list of performance texts that will engage and inspire students and teachers. This includes the addition of a new set of texts by global majority writers.  
  • free choice of performance texts – this qualification will continue to allow you the freedom to choose performance texts that will best suit your students, their ability to access the work, their interests and their performance skills.  
  • clear and straightforward question papers – we are focused on ensuring that our question papers are clear and accessible for students and that mark schemes are straightforward and make the requirements clear.  
  • performance and design skills – we will continue to assess students' performance and design skills through visiting examiners ensuring students’ skills are assessed in a live context.  
  • develops transferable skills – students will develop a multitude of skills, including collaboration, communication and an understanding of how to amend and refine work.
  • supports progression to A level – we developed this GCSE at the same time as our A level qualifications. This ensures sensible progression of knowledge, understanding and skills from GCSE to A level and similar approaches to assessment, so that students will have a coherent experience of drama if they take Pearson Edexcel GCSE in Drama, and A level in Drama and Theatre.