Teaching support

Our Entry Level Certificate in English has been designed specifically to align with GCSE English Language and provide a progression route for lower attainers. The certificate provides a springboard to GCSE, and supports advancement in English by cementing students’ core understanding.

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Flexible content to maximise engagement

  • a variety of interesting topics, suggested by English teachers
  • a flexible programme of study with plenty of choice to suit your teaching and your students
  • free choice of speaking and writing tasks - or the option to follow tasks set by us
  • a choice between 3 sets of live reading papers, each on a different topic, so you can select the one best suited to your student
  • Level 3 includes some very short extracts of 19th-century texts, aligned to our GCSE. Our level 3 fiction paper also includes engaging 20th- and 21st-century texts. 

Assessment specifically designed for learners not yet ready for GCSE

  • assessments are designed to be taken when learners are ready, whether this is at the end of each unit, end of term, or end of year
  • assessment objectives are the same as at GCSE level, so learners can develop their skills ready for assessments in the same way as they would when moving on to GCSE
  • AO3 comparison is assessed via Spoken Language tasks for levels 1 and 2, to make it more accessible for students.

Get started with some of our key support materials, to help you plan and deliver the qualification:

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