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BTEC Level 3 Technicals

New suite of BTEC Level 3 Technical qualifications, for first teaching from September 2025.

BTEC Level 3 Technical Qualifications enable students to develop a purposeful and coherent combination of knowledge, skills and behaviours to confidently enter or progress into employment in occupations that are recognised and demanded by employers.

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The qualifications are aligned to occupational standards designed by employers and published by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE), who also approve the qualifications. IfATE has specified different categories under which Level 3 Technical Qualifications can be approved based on their occupation, scope and purpose. Detailed information about these categories can be found on IfATE’s website

Our new Technical Qualifications have been validated by a panel of employers to ensure that the qualifications meet the current and emerging needs of industry and provide reliable evidence of students' readiness to progress in their chosen occupation.

The qualifications can be delivered through a combination of classroom and work-based learning and assessment, and are designed with a flexible, unit-based structure and an approach to learning and assessment that:

  • provides students with meaningful and occupationally relevant learning experiences with a clear line of sight to work
  • engages and motivates students to achieve as assessments can be made relevant to their local context and can be achieved as they progress through a qualification
  • makes the qualifications accessible to a wider range of students, including part time and adult students.

Who are these qualifications for?

The BTEC Level 3 Technical Qualifications are available to 16-19 and 19+ students depending on the IfATE category and occupation – the specification for each qualification will clearly specify the qualification category and the age range(s) for which the qualification is funded. Where funded for 16-19, students can take these qualifications as a part of a study programme. Students 19+ can take these qualifications standalone.

When will the new qualifications be available?

The BTEC Level 3 Technical Qualifications are being developed in two cycles in line with the phasing of the reform.

Qualifications in Cycle 1 are available for first teaching from September 2025 and are shown below – specifications and sample assessment materials will be released shortly.

NB. Personal Trainer is the only qualification funded for 16-19 year olds.

Qualifications in Cycle 2 will be available for first teaching from September 2026. We will be developing the following qualifications in the following sectors for submission in Cycle 2:

  • Data Technician
  • Event Management
  • IT and Telecoms
  • Software Development Technician
  • Sports Coaching 
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Protective Services

We will be providing a range of support to ensure that students and their tutors have the best possible experience during their course. Further information is provided on the qualification pages of our website. 

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First teach in September 2025. Funding outcomes will be announced in July 2024. 

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