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International GCSE Religious Studies: change to entry codes

6 December 2023

This includes some updated information regarding the changes to entry codes within International GCSE Religious Studies

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Changes to 2024 entry codes for International GCSE Religious Studies Paper 2

We have introduced six separate entry codes for International GCSE Religious Studies Paper 2 from the June 2024 series onwards.

This means that when making student entries for May/June 2024 for Paper 2, centres will now need to select the entry code that aligns to their chosen religion in Paper 2, and students will receive a smaller paper booklet with only questions aligned to that module.

This will benefit all students as it means they will only receive the exam paper booklet they need for that option and will no longer need to search through 56 pages of questions to identify the sections and questions relevant to them. We hope this will provide a better assessment experience for all students, as there will no longer be any chance of accidentally answering questions on the ‘wrong’ religion.

The change to entry codes will not affect your teaching or your students’ learning in any way. This new approach to making entries is designed to more directly reflect the way the qualification is taught. The change is purely an administrative one and has no impact on the content of the specification.

A further environmental benefit of this approach is the reduction of unnecessary printing and shipping of paper through reducing the size of the examination booklets by approximately 80%.

The new entry codes for International GCSE Religious Studies and International GCSE Religious Studies (Modular) can be found on our website. Please do take a look at this information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Changes were made to the entry codes to improve the student exam experience. The specific religion entries for Paper 2 means that students will only have the questions they need within their exam paper and will now not have to search for the correct section of questions to answer.

A further environmental benefit of this approach is the reduction of unnecessary printing and shipping of paper through reducing the size of the examination booklets by approximately 80%.

No. Centres can still teach the specification in the same way and students are still required to study one religion.  

The change will be to the entries for Paper 2, where centres will need to indicate in advance which religion candidates will answer questions on.

No. The entry code for Paper 1 is unchanged. The change in entry codes only affects Paper 2. Candidates can apply their knowledge of any of the six religions to any of the questions in Paper 1.

The change will take effect from assessments within the May/June 2024 exam series. The new entry codes are in the information manual and included in the base data to use now.

The new codes are included in the base data and are listed in red in the information manual. Please scroll down the pages in the manual to find the subject.

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Please note, each option code gives the code for the religion and the name of the religion e.g.

Entry codes

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Entry codes for Linear Religious Studies International GCSE

Entry Option Title
4RS1 A Religious Studies (Paper 1) & (Paper 2: Buddhism)
4RS1 B Religious Studies (Paper 1) & (Paper 2: Christianity)
4RS1 C Religious Studies (Paper 1) & (Paper 2: Hinduism)
4RS1 D Religious Studies (Paper 1) & (Paper 2: Islam)
4RS1 E Religious Studies (Paper 1) & (Paper 2: Judaism)
4RS1 F Religious Studies (Paper 1) & (Paper 2: Sikhism)

Entry codes for Modular Religious Studies International GCSE

Entry Option Title
4WRS1   Religious Studies (Unit 1) 
4WRS1 A Religious Studies (Unit 2) Buddhism
4WRS1 B Religious Studies (Unit 2) Christianity
4WRS1 C Religious Studies (Unit 2) Hinduism
4WRS1 D Religious Studies (Unit 2) Islam
4WRS1 E Religious Studies (Unit 2) Judaism
4WRS1 F Religious Studies (Unit 2) Sikhism

The deadline to change option codes is 22 April 2024. Here is an explanation of late entry fees:

After the entry deadline, late fees will be incurred. From the late fee date, the entry (subject or unit) fee is doubled. The entry fee is trebled from the high late fee date. Amendment fees will be charged if you change a subject/unit option or tier from the high late fee date. You will not incur a fee for changing candidate details (such as name amendments) unless a certificate has been issued. Amendment fees are usually double the cost of a unit or subject entry fee (in addition to the original entry fee)

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You can enter individual students for the religion that they have studied by using the appropriate entry code for each student entry.

This change should not affect how you teach the specification. You are free to teach the specification in a way that best suits the needs of your students (ensuring that the required content is covered). The content and assessment remain the same.

You will receive a copy of Paper 1 for all the candidates you have entered for Paper 1. On Paper 2, you will receive the paper for the religion you have specified when entering the candidate. You will no longer receive the large examination booklet containing all questions for all 6 religions on Paper 2.

No, students will only be able to answer questions on the religion specified by their entry code as their exam paper will only contain questions on one religion. Please ensure that students are prepared to answer questions on the pre-selected religion, as is the requirement of the specification.

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