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Autumn teaching maths update

Thu Oct 12 14:52:00 UTC 2023

Read a summary of the latest updates for teaching our maths qualifications.

We hope you are all well and that you are finding everything you need from us to support you delivering our qualifications. 

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Find out about our new Level 2 Extended Maths Certificate

Our Level 2 Extended Mathematics Certificate provides stretch and challenge that allows learners to dive deeper into maths. The relevant foundational content helps them to achieve their potential at KS4, as well as bridging the transition to many KS5 subject areas.

Access the launch materials below:

Level 2 Extended Maths Certificate

Resources research:

We would like to understand what teaching and learning resources you would like to support the delivery of this new qualification. Please help us create some brilliant resources by answering some questions in our very short survey, it should only take 5 minutes of your time. 

Teaching and Learning resources survey

GCSE Maths Reminders and Releases

Printer Friendly Papers – We've once again produced our printer friendly versions of our question papers helping to save you money on printing costs and to encourage a more environmentally friendly way of accessing our past papers.

The Summer 2023 versions can be found here:

05 June 23 – Maths Emporium

Worked Solutions – Worked solutions for all Summer
2023 papers are now available (lovingly put together by Mel @Just_Maths!):

05 June 23 – Maths Emporium 

Summer 2023 Feedback Recording and Downloads – Just in case you missed the live event, the recording of our Summer 2023 GCSE Maths Feedback is now available under silver padlock. Slides and notes from the event can be found in our CPD cabinet on the Emporium.

Access recording

Access slides and notes


AS/A Level Maths and Core Maths Reminders and Releases


Exemplars are now available for 8MA0 AS Maths, 8FM0-01 AS Further Maths and 9FM0-01-02 A level Further Summer 2023 papers. These are real student responses to each question on all papers, and how the examining team follow the mark schemes, to demonstrate how the students were awarded marks on these questions.

8MA0 AS Maths Summer 2023 Exemplars

8FM0 and 9FM0 Further Maths Summer 2023 Exemplars

 Shadow papers for 8MA0 AS Maths for Summer 2023 are now available, in
both word and pdf format.

AS Maths Shadow Papers

Enhanced QLA: 8MA0 AS Maths Summer 2023 Enhanced QLA spreadsheet is now available.

Enhanced QLA

These are great for giving your students feedback on questions from previous
series in relation to performance figures.

Skills maps

Data from Summer 2023 has now been added to the AS Maths skills maps, this spreadsheet includes data to help compile your own tests from previous exam series, SAMs and Specimen questions.

AS Maths skills map

We also have a BRAND NEW skills map for 7MC0 Mathematics in Context (Core Maths) including exams data from all the past papers.

Skills map for 7MC0 Mathematics in Context

A Level Marking Guidance recording: A quick reminder about the recording of the A Level Marking Guidance session that was run earlier in the year. This really useful session goes into the detail of the mark scheme and provides additional guidance on how certain questions are marked using the June 2022 question papers. 

A Level Marking Guidance recording


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SPOTLIGHT – new ActiveHub for Post-16 GCSE Maths

Our new ActiveHub Post-16 Boost Edition is a specially curated course focusing on the key topics identified by FE-specialist teachers as being fundamental for learners to achieve a grade 4 in their Pearson Edexcel GCSE Mathematics exams.

Exam-focused – Resources are specifically designed to reflect the content and style of the GCSE exams, giving learners plenty of exam preparation and problem-solving practice. 

Save time and teach with confidence – All the resources and assessment materials you need in one place, ready to teach: 

  • ready-made baseline tests and GCSE past papers in Assessment Library to test knowledge and skills
  • a bank of questions in Assessment Builder, letting you create custom assessments that are tailored to your curriculum and students
  • explanatory videos that guide learners through ideas and demonstrate worked solutions to key types of questions
  • Practice interactive activities with instant hints and feedback on common misconceptions
  • Links to extensive free Boost resources support from the Pearson Edexcel Maths qualifications team.

An Insights dashboard that brings everything together to give you in-depth insights and analysis on your learners’ progress and help target areas that need more focus.

Networks and Events

12th October 2023 (16:00 - 17:30) A Level Mathematics: Deep Dive into Trigonometry

12th October 2023 (13:00 – 15:00) Pearson Edexcel International GCSE Mathematics A and B: Welcome to Pearson (Module 1)

18th October 2023 (16:00 – 17:00) GCSE Mathematics: Summer 2023 Marking Guidance

19th October 2023 (16:00 – 17:00) GCSE Mathematics: Post-16 Summer 2023 Feedback: In this FREE session, Nicola Woodford-Smith will look into the performance data of those key topics that you will find useful ahead of any preparations for the November 2023 series.

19th October 2023 (13:00 – 15:00) Pearson Edexcel International GCSE Mathematics A and B: Welcome to Pearson (Module 2)

23rd October 2023 (13:00 – 15:00) Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level Mathematics: Welcome to Pearson (Module 1)

30th October 2023 (13:00 – 15:00) Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level Mathematics: Welcome to Pearson (Module 2)

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The Right Angle Podcast

Listen to the new episode

In this episode, Teresa Senyah is alongside Professor Nira Chamberlain OBE exploring his personal journey in becoming the ‘World’s most interesting mathematician’; the theme of why mathematics is the greatest subject in the world; and the Black Heroes of Mathematics conference which took place recently.

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