Why languages matter

7 June 2021

Languages matter in so many ways. Pearson takes an interesting look at how learning a language can help promote awareness and understanding of different cultures. We hear inspiring people talk about why languages are so important to them and how they have impacted on their lives. We'd very much like to hear from you too!

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why languages matter

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Take a look at  the Pearson 'Why languages matter' page and discover more about 'unlocking cultures' and 'where learning a language can take you'. Learn how languages play a major role in fostering relationships and sparking new dialogue across the world today. Find out what our recent surveys have revealed about people, how they value language and then have your say by completing a special form.

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Watch amazing people like Mark Pallis, Sue Leschen and Ayo Awotona in our short videos and follow Stephen Fry's conversation as he shares his language learning journey throughout school and how speaking multiple languages has affected his life, both personally and professionally. 

You'll also get a chance to hear from Abi talk about how she particularly enjoys the special challenges of learning language and how she'd like to continue studying languages at university and then work abroad. You'll also find out about Sarah, her language learning journey and the career path that it opened up for her.


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