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Supporting independent learning for GCSE French German and Spanish

Thu Apr 16 23:00:00 UTC 2020

The COVID19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has led to new challenges for teachers anxious to support language learning in a lockdown situation. This update references key support that's now available from Pearson.

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New GCSE Practice Activities for Independent learning for Year 10 or 11 students

I'm pleased to report that Pearson Qualificationshas put together a range of free resource packs to support students who are currently learning remotely.  They are located in the ‘Teaching and learning materials’ section of the 2016 specification 9-1 GCSE qualification pages and are available as free downloads. Although they support French, German  and Spanish GCSEs, many of the activities can be used or adapted for our 2017 and 2018 specification GCSEs and, therefore, support our full range of modern foreign languages.

The packs feature a range of activities that focus on vocabulary building as well as preparing your students for the conversation and picture-based task in the speaking test. Each activity has been designed to engage learners for twenty minutes. Please see the attached teacher information sheet on remote learning activities for MFL for further details of the content.

It's very much hoped that you find these packs supportive in continuing to deliver the GCSE curriculum to your students. They aim to complement other Pearson Qualifications support that includes a series of GCSE summer network meetings.

Need more support?

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Further linked inked support

Pearson Qualifications colleagues will soon send out links to a range of support materials that can help facilitate online language learning – Please check your emails and look for updates on the Languages teacher – GCSE Community

I’ve also noted that the Pearson School and Colleges (Publishing) team has been offering help in terms of free access to a range of French, German and Spanish language related resources to facilitate independent learning during this ‘lockdown’ period. These include free access to KS3 and KS4 resources from their online ‘ActiveLearn’ platform as well as free samples of GCSE revision guides for French, German and Spanish. 

Teachers’ show and tell

It would be great to learn what you’ve been doing to support remote language learning at this time. Perhaps you have encountered some new websites that you find really useful or, may be, you’ve devised some activities of your own? Consider sharing your activities, ideas and tips with other teachers on the Languages teacher – GCSE Community

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