2018-2019 speaking test windows and entries

Fri Oct 12 08:10:16 UTC 2018

A grid has been produced to provide you with 'at a glance' information of the forthcoming speaking test windows for all Pearson-Edexcel language qualifications, links to the main timetables and reminders of the deadlines for candidate entries.

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2019 oral windows for language qualifications




Orals window

January 2019 exam 
Entries to be made by 20 October 2018)
International AS and A level* French, German and Spanish 12 November – 14 December 2018




Summer 2019 exam series
Entries to be made by 21 February 2019 (or 21 March 2019 for international centres)

GCSE Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Russian , Spanish, Urdu





1 April – 17 May 2019

AS and A level – New specifications: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish

AS and A level – Legacy specification Urdu (plus legacy Chinese, Italian and Russian AS and A2 for re-sit only)

International AS and International A level* French, German and Spanish


Summer 2019 exam series


International GCSE qualification entries to be made by 21 March (International and UK centres)

International GCSE Chinese

15 March – 22 May 2019

International GCSE French

15 March – 14 May 2019

International GCSE German

15 March – 12 June 2019

International GCSE Spanish

15 March – 22 May 2019

International GCSE English (Second Language)

15 April – 14 June 2019

*This qualification is for International centres only.

Please be aware that your school may impose an earlier internal deadline for qualification entries.

Please also see the following link to the examination timetables.  

Exam timetables


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