Art, Design and Media Summer Update 2017 | Pearson qualifications

Art, Design and Media Summer Update 2017

12 June 2017

Find out the latest news for vocational qualifications in Art, Design and Media suite. 

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Available for first teaching in September 2017, BTEC Level 2 Technicals provide students with industry-specific knowledge, necessary technical and transferable skills and experience to progress in their career path. BTEC Level 2 Technical qualification in Art and Design is called Design Production and the qualifications for Creative Sector are: Digital Media, Digital Audio/Visual Production and Digital Games Production. 

Support Materials for your qualification

You will find everything you need to deliver this qualification on the Creative Digital Media Production subject page. We are regularly adding new materials and therefore recommend you to bookmark this webpage.

New Specialist Technical Qualifications

We have developed NEW BTEC National 360 GLH Technical qualifications which you can use to support progression to your 720 GLH Technicals, they are available in: Games, Film and TV and Digital Publishing. 

New Sample Marked Learner Work

We have added some further examples of sample marked learner work to the BTEC Nationals in Art and Design 2016 qualification page. 

Foundation Diploma Extended

We are pleased to advise that the BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (QCF) has been extended to 31 August 2020 

Find out more about the BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

The BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (QCF) is recognized as one of the best courses of its type in the UK for learners at levels 3 and 4, this qualification prepares students for higher education programmes in art and design, developing their confidence in their own ideas, opinions and creativity.

Units offered include researching, recording and responding in art and design, media experimentation, personal experimental studies, and a final major project.

Pearson BTEC Higher National in Creative Media Production Coming Soon

With input from industry, employers, professional bodies, tutors, students, and higher education institutions, the new Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals have been designed to better meet the changing needs for skills. The result is a suite of qualifications designed and developed to meet professional standards and recognised by employers, professional bodies and universities, which develops not only students' academic skills and abilities, but their work-readiness skills too. 

Redevelopment Objectives

The objectives of the redevelopment of the new Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals have been to ensure:

  • employer engagement
  • work relatedness
  • opportunities for progression to further higher education
  • alignment with UK higher education expectations.


Our training experts will be delivering launch events in the Autumn Term followed by regular face-to-face training events across the UK for the new BTEC Higher Nationals. 

Brand new qualification

Key features of the new qualification.

  • There will no longer be seven separate qualifications. The structure will be based on named pathways within a single qualification. This is intended to provide centres with greater opportunity to support collaboration across subject areas, where appropriate, and to encourage students to recognise shared areas of practice across creative subjects. There will be named pathways at both Level 4 (HNC) and Level 5 (HND).
  • Increased emphasis on skills and knowledge associated with the business practices and processes of the creative industries. This will include units that support students to develop awareness and skill in marketing, self-promotion and funding.
  • Increased emphasis on students developing an awareness of related fields within the creative industries. For example, with only about 2% of jobs in the fashion industry being design-related, it is important that students develop the knowledge and skills to enable them to work in other areas of the industry.
  • Increased emphasis on students developing an understanding of the importance of collaboration and team-working. In response to comments from employers, who see this as a key skill, we aim to build-in greater capacity for collaboration across subjects and units. 

New Pathways

BTEC Level 4 Higher National Certificate in Art and Design pathways: 3D Design, Fashion and Textiles, Photography, Graphic Design, Digital Design, Arts Practice.

BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Art and Design pathways: Product Design, Interior Design, Fashion, Textiles, Photography, Graphic Design, Digital Design, Arts Practice. 

English language requirements

If you're delivering the new BTEC Higher National qualifications, you'll need to ensure that all students who are non-native English speakers and who have not undertaken their final two years of schooling in English can demonstrate capability in English before being recruited to the programme where the programme is both taught and assessed in English. 


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