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Pearson Level 1 and below February 2024 newsletter

Welcome to the Pearson Level 1 and below newsletter for February 2024 covering all things below level 2 including Level 1 Intro, Entry Level, BTEC Workskills and BTEC Personal Growth and Wellbeing. 

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We hope you had a great start to the spring term and are making good progress with your learners.

Remember if you would like to discuss anything with Kelly Adams  for these qualifications, please book in with Kelly on a Friday afternoon

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This can be about anything, so please get in touch especially if you have questions about the reform in 2027 for post 16 learners.

Please remember we have extended the BTEC Level 1 and Entry Suite until 2027 (check eligibility for Wales and International, Transport and Vehicle Withdrawn) so you can continue to teach these qualifications with confidence. 

Cycle 3 Level 1 and Entry reform

As some of you will be aware the level 1 and entry level space are going to undergo reform for cycle 3. Unless delayed this will be for first teach in 2027.

There are very little details to report at this time, however we do know that these qualifications can be no more than 280 GLH and there is unlikely to be a high volume of nesting qualifications. There will be no common grading scales, but instead statutory guidance issued to be confirmed.

Employability, Life and PSHE skills are also currently still under review, however currently there are no further details. 

We will provide further updates in subsequent newsletters.

New teaching and learning resources

We have been busy making support materials to help in the delivery of the qualifications in this suite. Firstly, we have made some exemplar briefs and learning activities for the Entry 1-3 suite to support you in your teaching.

Access the materials on the BTEC Entry 3 and Level 1 Introductory page 

Please navigate to the relevant area to locate them. We hope you find them useful

We have also added a full resource pack for our Entry 1-2 Workskills offer. This consists of learning activities and exemplar briefs across the whole suite. We have also added several learning activities and briefs for the Entry 3 Workskills qualification.

Access the materials on the BTEC WorkSkills page 

Finally, we have an SSV report from our SSV for Entry Level and Level 1 Qualifications Katie Ordonez. We would advise anyone who teaches these qualifications to look at this as it will give you useful practical advice you can use to develop your provision in your centre.

Download the 2023 2024 Level 1 Intro and Entry Level SSV report

Case Studies

We have produced a series of case studies to support BTEC Workskills (Entry 3-Level 2) for a different range of diverse learners. You can use these to promote courses at open evenings/days.

Find them on the BTEC WorkSkills Level 2 (2021) course materials page

New Content for November on the Skills Channel

Please save our playlist for the latest Teaching and Learning Skills Video

Explore the Pearson Skills YouTube channel

Our latest video is about the Curiosity in the Level 1 Classroom. Curiosity is so important, and you can find out all about why in this video along with practical ideas on how you can introduce this in your own practice.

Watch the skills video - Curiosity In the BTEC Level 1 Classroom (15:04)

Monthly Blog

Our blog this month is on unlocking supporting Entry Level and Level 1 EAL Learners to help them to achieve.   The blog provides an overview of techniques
you can use in your classroom to help support you when teaching EAL learners .

Read the blog - Teaching BTEC Level 1 and Entry Level to Students with English as an additional language

As always thanks for reading. Please contact Kelly Adams (Product Manager Level 1 Below Including Workskills and Personal Growth and Wellbeing)  if you need any support.

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