The widest range of graded Entry Level and Level 1 qualifications available

Here you’ll find information about our new suite of graded Entry Level and Level 1 Introductory qualifications.

These have been developed in response to feedback that learners need graded qualifications providing recognition of their achievements at this level helping to motivate them to progress further.

Motivated and driven learners

The new qualifications have been developed in response to your feedback highlighting your need for graded Entry Level and Level 1 BTECs that are motivating for learners and will also be eligible for funding if being taught in England and Wales.

Progression to further study, an apprenticeship or employment

Our new qualifications offer your learners a broader choice of progression routes.

BTEC Entry 3 Vocational Study
With a common core across all sizes, Entry 3 learners have the flexibility to move on programme without the need to 'catch up'. Our BTEC Entry 3 Vocational Study qualifications are signposted to Level 1 Introductory to support co-teaching. Learner can progress to larger sizes withing BTEC Entry 3 or on to Level 1 Introductory.

BTEC Level 1 Introductory
All BTEC Level 1 Introductory qualificaions include 'Personal Skills' units.  These units are common across all sectors meaning learners can develop their learning skills as well as sector knowledge and can choose to go on to study another Level 1 Introductory sector or progress to Level 2 study.

Flexible approach to assessment

  • 100% assessed by you, with no external assessment or exams so you can can choose the assessment methods best suited to your centre and your learners.
  • you can use a variety of assessment methods so your learners have the the best possible opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.
  • we’ve included assessment guidance for every learning aim in every unit of your specification.

Support from start to finish

We’ve developed our most comprehensive support yet for Planning and Teaching these qualifications as well Assessing and Tracking learner progress. 

Who are these qualifications for?

These qualifications are suitable for a diverse range of learners including:

  • adults returning to study
  • learners already in work needing to upskill
  • those seeking to develop greater independence
  • those who have not yet achieved accredited qualifications
  • those with specific learning needs.

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