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Congratulations to 2013s Edexcel High Achievers

13 December 2013

Every year we recognise the exceptional achievements of Edexcel students across Europe by presenting them with High Achiever Awards.  

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There are four categories: Highest International Subject Mark, Highest Subject Mark in Europe, Highest Subject Mark in Cyprus and Highest Subject Mark in Spain.

These awards are testament not only to the outstanding efforts of the students receiving them, but also to their teachers, parents, schools and everyone else who helped them achieve such exceptional results. We would therefore like to congratulate both High Achievers and those that helped them achieve so highly in their Edexcel qualifications. All High Achievers will receive an award certificate to commemorate their achievement.

A total of 465 awards have been given to 427 students this year. Where more than one student achieved the same highest mark, awards are given jointly (as indicated below).

Totals for each award category are as follows:

  • Highest International Subject Mark – 331 (317 jointly awarded)
  • Highest Subject Mark in Europe – 57 (20 jointly awarded)
  • Highest Subject Mark in Cyprus – 28 (9 jointly awarded)
  • Highest Subject Mark in Spain – 49 (15 jointly awarded)

In the 2013 summer exams there were nearly 25,500 GCE A level students, over 11,500 GCSE students and close to 31,500 International GCSE students across the world. This outlines just how outstanding Europe’s 427 High Achievers are.

Once again, a big “congratulations” to this year’s Edexcel High Achievers!

High Achiever Awards are based on students outside the UK.


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