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Registration Merge Copy

If your candidate has a new registration and you would like the achieved external assessment results to be copied across to the new registration. This option should be selected when you have an externally assessed unit that is available on multiple qualifications. Internally assessed units should be claimed using Edexcel Online.

Registration Merge Delete

If the candidate's registration is being deleted but has external assessment results that need to be moved onto another of their existing registrations. This is for externally assessed units only. Internally assessed units should be claimed using Edexcel Online.

Functional Skills Merge

If your candidate sat exams for both onscreen and paper based Functional Skills (series based), and you would like them to be merged onto the candidates on screen registration.

Transfer of Results

If a candidate has sat the external assessment against the incorrect registration number and the result needs to be moved to the correct candidate's registration. In some cases, we may need further information to understand how this has happened. We may come back to you for this, and this could delay the request being completed.

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