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Scottish qualifications

Pearson qualifications in Scotland

See the Pearson qualifications that are available in Scotland, including SVQs, Core Skills and other qualifications. All our Scottish qualifications have been accredited or regulated independently by SQA Accreditation and are on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). 

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SQA Accreditation (Scottish Qualifications Authority Accreditation) regulates Scottish qualifications against its Regulatory Principles and the Regulatory Principles Directive. (There's also an SQA awarding body).

We provide a range of resources to support delivery and learning of our qualifications, including handbooks, training and Edexcel Online.

Our Scottish qualifications 

Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQ)

SVQs are competence qualifications based on National Occupational Standards and developed in collaboration with Sector Skills Councils and the SQA. We offer SVQ and competence-based qualifications at levels 4 to 11 across a range of sectors, from cookery to customer service. See our full range of SVQ and competence-based qualifications

Core Skills

Core Skills are a group of 5 skills that are key to learning and working: Communication, Numeracy, Information and Communication Technology, Problem Solving and Working with Others. Employers have identified these as the skills that are most likely needed in any work environment.

Each Core Skill is available at levels 2 to 6 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. Learn more about our Core Skills qualifications

Regulatory and other qualifications

We offer a range of other qualifications including licence-to-practise qualifications, such as personal licence holders or door supervisors, and specialist qualifications that are knowledge based and mapped to the National Occupational Standards.

These qualifications are:

  • Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community (Scotland) (L5)

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