Why choose NCCER?

Whether you're an employer or a learner, NCCER helps you by standardising skills so you can succeed in a global market. NCCER's portable credentials are recognised around the world, enhancing career development and recruitment opportunities for learners while improving industry standards for employers.

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Why offer NCCER qualifications?

More effective recruitment

Using NCCER assessments and certifications as part of your recruitment process provides an effective way to screen candidates and promote capable employees.

Develop a skilled and task-focused workforce

All completed assessments come with a score report and training prescription that recommends upgraded training in specific areas. This is a cost-effective tool that allows you to implement targeted and relevant training for the ongoing development of your workforce. NCCER also provides additional reporting tools to help you identify the weaknesses in your current training so you can make more effective use of your investment in this area.

Standardisation of skills across international sites

If your organisation operates across multiple international sites, NCCER credentials allow you to maintain a highly skilled, safe and effective standardised workforce that’s capable of delivering consistent results across your entire business.

Strong ROI

If you invest in developing your workforce using NCCER standardised curricula, you can expect to see a return on your investment in terms of improved productivity and a reduction in rework, staff turnover, absenteeism and safety incidents.

Globally mobile workforce

Because the training is written to an industry standard and credentials are portable, employees who complete NCCER training will be equipped to meet the labour demands of employers, wherever they are deployed in the world.

Improved industry standards

NCCER programmes promote best practice for the entire construction industry. A trained, skilled and credentialed construction workforce benefits everyone because projects that have NCCER-credentialed craft professionals doing the work meet the standards set by industry experts. And because safety is integral in every NCCER module for every craft, NCCER-credentialed craft professionals create a working environment that's safer for everyone.

Cost savings

If you deliver NCCER programmes in-house, you can save money otherwise spent on external trainers and tuition costs while benefiting from significant ROI. For training organisations, NCCER provides a thorough and complete instructional resource to help instructors save time and money.

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Why take NCCER qualifications?

Worldwide, industry-recognised credentials

NCCER credentials:

  • are recognised by employers in your chosen industry and verifiable from anywhere around the world

  • can be a passport to see the world, giving you the chance to work internationally

  • can be used as professional development to higher-level, better-paid jobs in the industry.

Progressing to employment

With NCCER, your achievements are recorded and maintained throughout your career, promoting career growth and creating opportunities.

If you wish to enter the construction, energy or oil and gas industries for the first time, you can use your credentials to enter at a higher level than entry level. NCCER credentials will distinguish craft professionals from among the pool of job seekers.

If you're a craft professional who has already developed skills through on-the-job experience, you can evidence these skills with NCCER credentials and use that to compete for career advancement.