Teaching support

We provide lots of support to help you to plan, teach and assess the Entry Level Certificate in Science and Further Science successfully, including opportunities for training and development.

Whatever guidance you're looking for, we're here to help.

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Course planners

The course planner is designed to help you plan for teaching of the Entry Level Certificate in Science and Further Science. It covers a number of different approaches to take account of when you start teaching and whether you are teaching alongside GCSE combined Science or as a standalone qualification.

Schemes of work

We’ve created a range of schemes for teaching the Entry Level Certificate alongside GCSE Combined Science, using the ELC assessments at appropriate points throughout the year to check progress and accumulate marks towards the ELC award. If students are progressing well, you can then also enter them for the GCSE in Combined Science.

Published resources

Our published *resources are specifically designed to support GCSE Science students who face significant barriers in recall, literacy and engagement.

You can access a free taster of these resources to help you get started with the Entry Level Certificate in Science and Further Science. This includes a whole term’s worth of comprehensive teaching and learning materials, complete with online student book pages, PowerPoints, interactive activities, worksheets, assessments and differentiated lesson plans.

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*You don’t have to purchase Pearson resources to deliver our qualifications.