We know that choosing a new awarding body is a big decision. We've worked with many teachers making the move to us and we're here to make it as simple and stress-free as possible.

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Time for a change?

Our A level Physics qualification engages and inspires the scientists of the future. It has been designed to encourage students to develop as scientists, and give them the skills to succeed in their chosen pathway.

Why switch to Pearson Edexcel A level Physics?

  • Straightforward and balanced specification.
  • Practical work is at the heart of the qualification.
  • Assessment you and your students can have confidence in.
  • Support that’s timely and tailored to your needs.

Switching support guide

Access your free guide to unlock our full range of switching support, including:

  • getting started guide
  • detailed mapping grids
  • new to Edexcel training

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Switching support

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