Security update - March 2024 | Pearson qualifications

Security update - March 2024

19 March 2024

An update on everything new within the Security and Protective Services sector.

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Door Supervisor training content: Spiking

A reminder that the new training content issued by the SIA raising awareness of the issue of spiking must now be delivered as part of all Door Supervisor courses.

The training seeks to raise Door Supervisors’ awareness of spiking via adding alcohol or drugs to someone’s food or drink without their knowledge or consent, as well spiking by injection. It covers: 

  • Visual and non-visual indicators that a drink has been spiked 
  • Behavioural indicators of perpetrators 
  • Circumstances where individuals may be at higher risk of spiking
  • Behavioural indicators that an individual may have been spiked
  • How to manage a situation where you believe an individual has been spiked 
  • Preventative actions that could be taken.

The additional content has been emailed to all Security Quality Nominees and can be found on the website: BTEC Specialist | Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry | Pearson qualifications  

Reminder: uploading evidence to sharepoint

A reminder that you are now required to upload learner and administrative evidence to your Pearson sharepoint folder. 

  • Course dates and expected learner numbers are to be uploaded to sharepoint by the 3rd of each month (note we do not need full learner details at this point) 
  • Learners should be enrolled on EOL on or before the end of the first day of the course 
  • Learner identity documents should be provided at registration and uploaded onto sharepoint by the end of the first day of the course 
  • Learner evidence should be uploaded onto sharepoint within 5 working days of the end of the course.

After review of the feedback received at the Security Centre Event last month, we will shortly be in a position to confirm how centres can use their own sharepoint / cloud-based storage solutions as an alternative to uploading all evidence to the Pearson sharepoint folder. Updated information will be sent out to centres soon detailing the requirements. Until this time please continue to upload evidence to your Pearson sharepoint folder. 

Ria Staples - Product Manager; Protective Services, Transport & Logistics


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