Security update - December 2023 | Pearson qualifications

Security update - December 2023

14 December 2023

An update on everything new within the Security and Protective Services sector.

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SIA survey on the efficacy of licence-linked training 

The SIA is conducting research into the efficacy of licence-linked training. The research will look into whether the current qualifications deliver the necessary skills to ensure that licence holders are able to conduct their duties effectively and safely.

The SIA has asked that training providers complete the following survey:

Training provider survey

It is also important for the voice of the end users i.e., the learners who will go on to work in the security industry to be heard.

The SIA would be grateful if training providers could please share the below survey with learners on licence-linked training courses to allow the SIA to have their feedback on the content of the training:

Learner survey

Please note, the surveys are not looking at the training delivery or quality, but the content of the qualifications. Many thanks for your assistance.

SIA letter to training providers offering licence-linked qualifications

The SIA has asked us to make you aware of a recent update from Paul Fullwood, SIA Director of Inspections and Enforcement, who is leading the SIA investigation into recent allegations made by BBC Radio File on 4. The update is posted on our website, please ensure you read it and circulate to all centre staff:

SIA letter to training providers


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