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Government to consult on subject content for GCSE and A level Religious Studies

22 July 2014

On 16 July 2014, the Government launched a consultation to gather views on proposed new subject content for a series of GCSEs and A levels to be taught from 2016.

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For GCSE, these subjects are: Art and Design, Computer Science, Dance, Music, and Physical Education.

For AS and A level, these subjects are: Maths, Geography, MFL, Dance, Music, and Physical Education.

At the same time, Ofqual announced that it is consulting on the assessment arrangements for all the above subjects.

The government also announced that, from this September, it will consult on content for the remaining subjects to be taught from September 2016. These are Religious Studies, Citizenship Studies, Design and Technology, and Drama.

The Religious Studies Team at Pearson will be reviewing the current GCSE and A level RS qualifications with teachers, subject experts and universities. This research will inform future development of new Religious Studies qualifications.

Join our Pearson Advisory Panel and we will regularly invite you to participate in our Religious Studies qualification research, including:

  • online surveys
  • online discussions and forums
  • blogs
  • quick polls.

This is a great opportunity to help us shape our future Religious Studies qualifications. When you participate, we'll reward you with bonus points, which can be redeemed for gift vouchers from retailers such as John Lewis and Amazon.


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