February 2022 Religious Studies update | Pearson qualifications

February 2022 Religious Studies update

Support materials for 'D' questions

GCSE support materials will soon be available in the 'teaching and learning' area of the qualifiication website (links provided below). These have been developed by our chief examiners, Christine Paul and Diane Kolka, to support your students, in preparation for the coming exam series and  specifically focus on providing support for 'D' or extended questions through the provision of exemplars and examiner advice and guidance.​

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Religious Studies topic of the month

Topic of the month aims to stimulate discussion at Key Stages 4 and 5 and bring religion to life. This can be achieved by considering religion’s relevance in our vast modern world. We have selected two current news articles, which you may wish to read and integrate into your teaching practice, using the discussion prompts provided.


This topic relates to a newspaper article, written by Anhaar Kareem, entitled ‘I don’t have to choose between my hijab and going to school, but my sisters aren’t so lucky.’

View Anhaar Kareem's newspaper article


This article relates to issues of equality and diversity around the world. The case study is specifically about religious expression through the hijab and the right to wear it alongside the right to be educated.

Discussion prompts:

  • Should governments have the right to limit your religious identity?
  • What do you think is more important, your religious identity or your education?
  • How does this link to human rights?
  • Is this a form of discrimination?
  • Do the rights to education and the rights to religious expression conflict with one another?  

Links to topics on the syllabus:

  • Human rights
  • Equality
  • Religious freedom
  • Prejudice and discrimination
  • Social justice
  • Peace and conflict
  • Suffering
  • Gender prejudice and discrimination
  • Forgiveness.

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