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GCE Music Technology component 4 methods of submission in summer 2023

27 March 2023

This update is to remind teachers about the new method of submitting candidate audio for the GCE Music Technology component 4 exams.

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You may have noticed changes to the component 4 paper code for the summer 2023 examinations. The front cover of the exam papers will now show as 8MT0/41 and 9MT0/41. The change has been implemented due to the new method of submission of candidate audio for the component 4 exams. This does not affect the content of the paper.

Component 4 hard copy exam papers will continue to be submitted to us by post. Exam audio should now be uploaded to our online submission portal called Digital Learner Work Transfer (DLWT).

Methods of submission

The table below illustrates how the component 4 exam paper and exam audio should be submitted to us.

Component  Online submission portal DLWT Hard copy submission
Exam paper
Exam Audio
Exam paper
Exam Audio

The Administrative Support Guidance has been updated with further information. 

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Further guidance for uploading candidate work will be provided soon.



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