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Edexcel GCSE Music: February 2017 update

24 February 2017

Read the latest information on Edexcel GCSE Music, including key dates and latest news.

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All entries for the final exam series for the legacy specification should all have been made by 21 February. Entries made after this date will incur a late fee.

Performing and composing coursework needs to be completed, marks submitted and reach your moderator by 15 May 2017. Now entries have been made you will have a moderator assigned to the performing and composing units. You will be able to find their details through Edexcel Online if needed.

Watch a short video on entering coursework marks

Key Dates

Date Event
15 May 2017 Final date for submission of coursework marks and moderation samples
9 June 2017 Unit 3: Listening And Appraising Exam
23 August 2017 Results available to centres through Edexcel Online
24 August 2017 Results released to candidates

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