Edexcel GCSE Music: April 2020 update

14 April 2020

Read the latest information on GCSE Music, including the latest news about submitting grades for summer 2020.

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Summer 2020

The situation surrounding results this summer has been confirmed by Ofqual on 3 April. Ofqual published guidance and FAQs to clarify the situation.

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This confirmed that centres will submit a centre assessment grade for each candidate in each GCSE subject, and include a rank order of candidates within each grade. Further information and FAQs can be found on the Pearson website.

Read the latest news for awarding grades this summer

I ran several online events to support teachers to understand the process and consider the evidence they may use to help in deciding on centre assessed grades and a rank order. I hope those of you that were able to attend found this useful. If you were unable to attend I have included a recording of the event and the slides that were used in the session.

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