Edexcel A level Music and Music Technology: September 2021 update

3 September 2021

Read the latest information on A level Music, AS level Music Technology and A level Music Technology, including the latest news about assessments for summer 2022.

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Autumn 2021 series

Entry for the autumn 2021 exam series for GCSE, AS and A level examinations is restricted to students who have received a teacher-assessed grade in summer 2021 and to students who are able to demonstrate that they would have entered summer 2021 exams had they not been cancelled. 

Date Event
9 August 2021 Entries open
8 September 2021 Entry deadline
6 October 2021 A level Music Technology Component 3: Listening and analysing exam
12 October 2021 A level Music Technology Component 4: Producing and analysing exam
15 October 2021 A level Music Component 3: Appraising exam
16 December 2021 Results day

Summer 2022 exams and assessments

Ofqual has confirmed that the changes made to the 2021 series NEA components will be carried forward onto the Summer 2022 series. We can confirm we will apply the changes that were in place for summer 2021 to the 2022 series.

Read the NEA update and confirmation of requirements for summer 2022

At the current time, the Appraising exam is planned to go ahead in summer 2022 with no changes.

I have arranged a short update and support session, on Wednesday 15 September at 3.30pm - 4.00pm for A level Music and Thursday 16 September at 3.30pm - 4.00pm for AS and A level Music Technology, for teachers to attend to confirm the changes that are in place and give an opportunity for any questions.

Register to attend the A level Music 2021/22 support session

Register to attend the AS level and A level Music Technology 2021/22 support session

There is also Assessment Guidance and FAQs online to access for summer 2022 assessments.

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