Edexcel A level Music and Music Technology: November 2021 update

Mon Nov 22 15:57:00 UTC 2021

Read the latest information on A level Music, AS level Music Technology and A level Music Technology, including the latest news about assessments for summer 2022.

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Summer 2022

Contingency arrangements

The Department for Education and Ofqual have decided as a matter of policy that although the government is firmly committed to exams going ahead in summer 2022, there needs to be a contingency plan in place for the unlikely event that exams have to be cancelled again because of the pandemic. If exams have to be cancelled in summer 2022, students’ grades would instead be determined by their teachers, using a Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) approach similar to that used in summer 2021.

Ofqual has published guidance for teachers on how they should collect evidence of student performance which could be used towards a TAG in the unlikely event that exams are cancelled next summer. Teachers must not attempt to determine TAGs unless exams are cancelled.

I have created an update giving more in depth detail of the plans for the contingency arrangements and what you, as a teacher, need to arrange.

Read the contingency arrangements update 

Autumn 2021 series

The additional autumn exam series has taken place and you may have some candidates that sat the exams. Results for this series will be released to centres on 15 December 2021 with results being issued to students on 16 December 2021.

The exam papers are available online online with the audio and the mark scheme will be published on 7 December 2021.

A level Music autumn 2021 series paper

A level Music Technology autumn 2021 series papers

Mocks service questionnaire

The Mocks Service provides schools and colleges with Pearson Edexcel GCSE and A level exam papers for use in mock examinations. The papers are sat by students, marked by Pearson examiners and the mock results are uploaded to ResultsPlus for item level analysis. 

This isn't available for A level Music or A level Music Technology yet, but to gauge interest in using the service it would be appreciated if you could complete a short questionnaire:

Complete the Mocks Service Questionnaire

Key dates

Date Event
16 December 2021 Results day for autumn 2021 series
21 February 2022 Entry deadline for summer 2022 exam series
15 May 2022 Final date for submission of coursework marks and moderation samples
18 May 2022 AS level Music Technology Component 3: Listening and analysing exam
26 May 2022 A level Music Technology Component 3: Listening and analysing exam
6 June 2022 AS level Music Technology Component 4: Producing and analysing exam
10 June 2022 A level Music Technology Component 4: Producing and analysing exam
14 June 2022 A level Music Component 3: Appraising exam
18 August 2022 Results day

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