BTEC Firsts in Music and BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice: January 2019 update

30 January 2019

Read the latest information on BTEC Firsts in Music, including key dates, latest news and resources.

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I hope that the external assessments have gone well for your learners. The results for the January assessments will be released on 13 March. 

If you have learners sitting the summer assessments then you must make entries for these by 27 March 2019.

Authorised Assignment Briefs, Sample Marked Learner Work and Schemes of Work

There are Authorised Assignment Briefs available for the new BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice. These cover both internal components.

There is also some sample marked learner work available online for component 1.

You will also find course planners and schemes of work for all components online.

Key dates

Date Event
13 March 2019 Release of results to centres and learners for January assessments
27 March 2019 Entry deadline for summer assessment window
4 April 2019 RoMM Service 1, RoMM Service 2 and RoMM Service 3 deadline for January assessments
13 May 2019 Music - Unit 1: The Music Industry summer assessment
5 June 2019 Music - Unit 8: Music and Production Analysis summer assessment

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