Information about Formula sheets for International GCSE Maths

Fri Dec 09 13:00:00 UTC 2022

Following the recent announcement that students will be provided with support materials in the form of formulae sheets(exam aids), in the exams for 2023 only, for GCSE mathematics 1MA1, some international centres wanted to know about the provision of formula sheets for our International GCSE Maths qualification.

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International GCSE Maths already have formulae provided - so nothing changes-please see the guidance below:

Formulae for International GCSE Maths
International GCSE Maths Spec A (4MA1) currently provides some formulae for both foundation tier and higher tier students, on page 2 of the question paper, so no additional sheet is required.
International GCSE Maths Spec B (4MB1): certain formulae are provided in the question so no additional sheet is provided.
International GCSE Further Maths (4MP1) have the formulae on page 2 of the question paper so again no additional sheet is required.

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