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GCSE History Entry Codes for 2021

Wed Nov 18 09:35:00 UTC 2020

The new entry codes for GCSE History summer 2021 assessment are now available. This updates explains how to generate entry codes.

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New Entry Codes

Because of the changes to GCSE History in summer 2021 we require new entry codes so that you can tell us which topics your students will be sitting in the examinations.

Updated Entry Code Calculator

We have updated the Entry Code Calculator online with the new entry codes for summer 2021. You can find the calculator tool on our website.

You must select an appropriate number of topics in order to generate an entry code. If you fail to do this, eg by selecting too many topics, no entry code will be generated and you will receive the message that 'a code has not been generated due to an invalid combination of topics chosen'.

Entry Codes Explained

The usual entry codes for GCSE History include the specification code 1HI0 and a two-digit alphabetic paper code which determines the topics chosen across Papers 1, 2 and 3.

The new entry codes will have different specification codes 1HIA or 1HIB depending on whether the topic to be dropped is from Paper 1 or Paper 2. There will also be a two-digit alphabetic paper code which tells us exactly which topics your students will be sitting.

Entries Deadline

The deadline for making entries for the summer 2021 examination series is 21 February 2021 for AS, A level and GCSE. After these dates late entry fees may be charged. Please note that your exams officer will have their own internal deadlines in order to get the information necessary to make entries.

If you have any questions or require further clarification on entry codes please contact me.

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