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Introducing four new texts to Component 3 Theatre Makers in Practice

We are delighted to inform you that in response to feedback from teachers, and in order to broaden the representation in our GCSE Drama offer, we are introducing four additional texts to our Component 3 text list.

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In a step towards inclusivity and decolonising the Drama curriculum, we have worked closely with the London Theatre Consortium (LTC) and Representation in Drama (RinD) and we are very pleased to announce the four new texts that we are adding to Component 3 from September 2021, for first assessment in summer 2022:

List A (pre-1954)

  • A Doll’s House, adapted by Tanika Gupta
  • Antigone, adapted by Roy Williams

List B (post-2000)

  • The Free9, In-Sook Chappell
  • Gone Too Far!, Bola Agbaje

There are new versions of these texts available from Methuen Drama and we have included some information with this letter to provide you with details about the new texts. We are all incredibly excited about these new additions to the qualification and we are working very closely with the LTC and RinD, in collaboration with the original producing theatres of the new texts (Lyric Hammersmith, National Theatre, Royal Court Theatre and Theatre Royal Stratford East and Pilot Theatre), to create additional support materials for teachers, including interviews with the key creative contributors to the productions.

The support will include new sample and specimen papers, new set text guides, student interviews with the playwrights, and training events.

To reassure you, we will not be removing any of our current texts; you can continue teaching the texts we currently offer as we are simply adding new texts to broaden your choices. We hope that by offering these additional choices, we are giving you the opportunity to teach a new text that your learners may find engaging, enlightening and appealing.

Change to the format of the live papers

Due to the addition of these texts, from September 2021 onwards, the format of the questions will change for the live papers. We have updated the Sample Assessment Materials and the Specimen paper to reflect these changes.

Given there is now a choice of 12 set texts for Component 3 (6 on List A; 6 on List B), we have changed the format of the question paper to make it easier for students to navigate. Rather than searching through 12 set text questions to find the one they have studied, we are splitting the paper into two. We will have one question paper for students studying a set text from List A and one question paper for students studying a set text from List B.

To ensure your students receive the correct question paper according to the set text they have studied, we will require you to specify List A or List B at the point you make your entries.

From summer 2022 onwards, you will need to enter for either:

  • 1DR0 3A for set texts in List A or 
  • 1DR0 3B for set texts in List B

To ensure your students can familiarise themselves with the new format of the papers, I have included a list of the new question numbering and, as mentioned above, we have updated the SAMs and the specimen paper to reflect the new format.

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