April 2024 Construction update | Pearson qualifications

April 2024 Construction update

Thu Apr 25 08:24:00 UTC 2024

Here is your April 2024 update for Construction

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  • BTEC Nationals updates
  • T levels    

BTEC Tech Award updates

There's some good news - we are moving the submission deadline for the upload of learner work for BTEC Tech Awards in the summer series to 15 May 2024. This change applies to internally assessed components for all Tech Awards and the externally assessed components in creative subjects. This 15 May submission deadline will remain in place for all May/June assessment series going forward.

This revised deadline will give you two more weeks to run, mark and upload internal assessments, and gives you extra time to upload work for external assessments in the creative subjects.
The Learner Work Transfer (LWT) system opens on 15 April, so there’s no need to wait until the deadline to upload learner work; once LWT is live, you can upload learner work at any time until the 15 May deadline.

Due to the later submission deadline, the deadline for you to submit amended marks following moderator feedback will move to 28 June. This is an optional service available, should you choose to use it, but is not a requirement.

Please view the Key dates schedule for BTEC Tech Awards below for all upcoming dates. Some of the important dates ahead are as below:

Key date Activity
1 May 2024

Final deadline for entries of internal and external assessment
Final deadline for withdrawals of external assessments

NB: Following this deadline, any entries which have not been w ithdrawn will use up one of the 3 entries included in the registration fee.

2 May 2024 - 5 July 2024 Late certitication window (via edexcel online only)
7 May 2024 Component 1: Construction Technology exam (pm)
15 May 2024 Deadline for mark submission and upload of w ork of sampled learners for internal assessments
28 June 2024 Deadline for amending marks following moderator feedback for internal assessment (optional)
16 August Restricted release of results to centres
22 August Release of results to learners

January 2024 series principle moderator reports for component 2 and 3 are now available online. 

Following on from the first ever exam series for the new BTEC Tech Awards, please find the QP, MS and the ER in the link below. 

Access the BTEC Tech Award FAQs, covering all aspects of the qualification from registrations to certification. 

BTEC Tech Award FAQs

BTEC Firsts and Nationals 

Key dates Activity Qualification
7 May 2024

Unit 2: Construction Design Part B window starts

Window from 7 May to 21 May 

BTEC Nationals
7 May 2024 Unit 3: Tendering and Estimating window ends / submission deadline BTEC Nationals
15 May 2024 Deadline for submitting the first sample to the Standards Verifier BTEC First and Nationals
16 May 2024 Unit 1: Construction Principles exam BTEC Nationals
21 May 2024 Unit 2: Construction Design Part B window ends / submission deadline BTEC Nationals
24 May 2024 Unit 1: Construction Technology exam  BTEC First
5 June 2024 Unit 11: Sustainability in Construction BTEC First 
5 July 2024 Claiming deadline to make a full award claim, inputting all internal grades, for learners expecting a result following the release of May/June 2024 external examination results BTEC FIrst and Nationals
15 August 2024 Results day (level 3) BTEC Nationals
22 August 2024 Results day (level 2) BTEC First

You can access the question paper, mark scheme and examiner report for Unit 1 exam from the qualification page. 

You can access the question paper, mark scheme and examiner report for Unit 1 exam from the qualification page. 

Access centre guide to standards verification document below to check what is expected from you, sample size and information on how to submit your sample to standards verification. 

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T level Design, Surveying and Planning

Read the monthly T level update, which includes overall news on T levels as well as subject specfic updates. 

April 2024 update

There are few training events available in June and July fot T level DSP, which you can search for and book from the link below. 

> Book training 

Join Pearson at one of our Summer 2024 face-to-face T Level events where we will be supporting you on the delivery of T Levels. We will focus on transitioning to T Levels from other VQs and how to bring T Levels into your curriculum, bringing T Level to life and sharing good practice from experienced Providers already delivering, and how to tackle some of the challenges we know you’re facing such as, industry placement, funding, and Level 2 transition.

HN updates

Pearson-set Theme 
The Pearson-set theme for Construction Higher Nationals has now been released for the next academic year 1st September 2024 – 31st August 2025 on HN Global.  

Find out more at: HN Global Tutor Resources Delivery Materials 
New HN Construction HTQ approvals 
We are pleased to announce HTQ quality mark approval for the following qualifications! 

  • Higher National Certificate in Building Services Engineering for England 
  • Higher National Diploma in Building Services Engineering for England 
  • Higher National Certificate in Civil Engineering for England 
  • Higher National Diploma in Civil Engineering for England 

These qualifications will be available to centers in England for first teach 1st September 2025.  

Further updates and resource pages to follow. 

Support and contact

Please feel free to get in touch, if you require any help or support in the teaching and assessment of our performing arts courses.
You can access my contact details below.


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