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Updated Special Considerations Guidance from JCQ

Fri May 13 11:15:00 UTC 2022

This update contains some important information regarding COVID-19 measures during the Summer 2022 exam series.

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Updated JCQ Special Considerations Guidance

The Joint Council have released updated special considerations guidance to cover COVID-19 for Summer 2022, both for GQ and VQ qualifications. Pages 17-21 contain important details about arrangements for COVID-19.

FAQs from DfE about exams and COVID-19

The Department for Education have also provided some useful advice on COVID-19 measures during exams this summer.

Support for students, parents and carers

We have put together a Getting Ready for Exams guide that includes some top tips and advice for students, parents and carers, including:

  • preparing for exams
  • what happens on exam day
  • where to find further support
  • what happens once exams are over.

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We also have a student, parents and carers support page on our website which contains useful information and guidance.

Exam stress and wellbeing

This page on our website contains useful advice and support for students on mental health and wellbeing during the exam series.

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