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Changes to Functional Skills invigilation requirements for Level 1 and 2 assessments

15 May 2013

From 14 May 2013, tutors with overall responsibility for preparing candidates may act as sole invigilator, but only where an alternative is not available.

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In line with a change to the JCQ requirements for Functional Skills, tutors are now able to undertake sole invigilation duties even if they have had overall responsibility for preparation of the candidates being examined. 

However, this is permitted only in circumstances where an alternative sole invigilator is not available; for example, a remote learner sitting the test in the workplace. This will not be acceptable for large centres using an exam hall.

This will be amended in the JCQ guidance for the next academic year. 

New requirements

It still remains at the discretion of the Head of Centre to decide who is suitably qualified and experienced and to ensure adequate training has been provided.

However, we do now require the Head to maintain a record of approved invigilators for instances where the tutor is undertaking sole invigilation duties. This must include invigilator names and the rationale for their selection. 

As ever, we reserve the right to request this information if required as part of our quality assurance measures.

Details of this change will shortly be reflected in our ICE guidance documentation for the next academic year.

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