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Launching our new Degree Finder!

Wed Apr 29 08:56:14 UTC 2020

BTEC Higher Nationals provide pathways to undergraduate degree programmes at over 250 institutions across the world. To promote these fantastic opportunities, we have redeveloped our Degree Finder, which aims to help students understand where their qualification can take them next.

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Progression to undergraduate study

A BTEC Higher National (HN) qualification provides a rewarding and affordable route into undergraduate degree study, as well as offering invaluable career-focused education. We know that many of our students are looking to progress to further study and our HNs are stepping-stones to university, across a wide range of subject areas.

We work closely with universities and other higher education institutions to provide as many progression options as possible. With over 24 different HN subjects, we are proud to offer pathways to a variety of degrees. 

There are different types of agreements that we have with institutions around the world, including:

Progression agreements:

  • Articulations: where a partner has closely reviewed and mapped HN specifications to their own undergraduate curriculum, so that students have direct entry routes.
  • Top-up degrees: these are programmes specifically designed by universities for students studying qualifications at HN level, who would like to complete an undergraduate degree. The duration of a top-up degree is typically one year full-time, although we do have some two year top-ups on the site.
  • International credit agreements: these can occur when there is no formal translation of credit between different education systems, but the institution can still grant credit for recognised prior learning.

Alternatively, a partner may provide their best guidance on progression, without mapping against the HN curriculum. They will suggest pathways that align to degree programmes while providing detailed entry criteria. 


  • This is where a partner has confirmed that they recognise HN qualifications and will consider applications from HN students, assessing each application on an individual basis, rather than comparing the two curriculums. 

Searching for current progression opportunities

We have just launched our brand new Degree Finder, helping students who complete BTEC Higher Nationals find progression opportunities at higher education institutions and universities around the world. 

The new Degree Finder is our one-stop shop to browse our progression pathways and recognition partners. We have invested in redeveloping the application, enabling a more streamlined approach to searching for the next educational step. New features include: 

  • A wider search criteria, to enable us to advertise pathways for Higher National Certificate and Higher National Diploma students. 
  • The ability to select multiple countries when searching for progression pathways, providing students with all available institutions in one search.
  • Updated institution profiles, highlighting key information and encouraging students to visit the institution website.
  • A world map of our recognition partners, making it easier to view all of the institutions that we work with worldwide.

We are continuously working to increase the exposure of our HNs worldwide and gain more degree partners. If a particular pathway is not on the Degree Finder, universities and institutions may still recognise your qualification and so we always recommend applying anyway for consideration on an individual basis.


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