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Higher Nationals not suitable for distance learning delivery

Fri Nov 20 11:05:00 UTC 2020

On 5 November, Pearson issued communications stating that temporary distance learning approval would be granted for centres until 31 January 2021, if they were facing restrictions that necessitated moving to 100% distance learning. 

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Read the communication - Delivering HNs via distance learning in 2020/21

However, there was a condition that centres must also apply for full distance learning approval via the Distance Learning Self-Assessment (DLSA), in order to avoid a cycle of temporary distance learning approvals in the future.

Following further consultation with the Pearson Principal Standards Managers and Subject Experts, it has been determined that the following programmes are not suitable for DLSA, and therefore centres should not submit the DLSA for these programmes (unless pathways indicated below state otherwise).

Short-term temporary distance learning will still be considered, although we advise that only theory-based units are delivered if COVID-19 restrictions are imposed. 

The HN programmes unsuitable for DLSA are:

  • Healthcare Practice
  • Healthcare Practice for England
  • Early Childhood Education Care
  • Performing Arts
  • Applied Science
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Rail Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Policing
  • Public Services
  • Sport
  • Sport and Exercise Science

HN Programmes that may be suitable for DLSA depending on pathway or combination of units: 

  • Music (Music Business and Composition pathways)
  • Art and Design (Graphic Design and Digital Design pathways)
  • Creative Media Production (Web & App Development, Games Development and Visual Affects pathways)
  • Hospitality Management (depends on combination of units)
  • Construction (depends on combination of units)

We advise centres to first seek advice from Pearson subject experts about whether their pathways or unit combinations will be suitable for DLSA. 

Visit the Pearson Support portal

Please note that for all other HN programmes not listed above, a full DLSA will be expected by 31 January 2021 if temporary distance learning approval has been provided. Centres will be able to continue using their temporary distance learning approval while they await the outcome of their DLSA application. If centres are granted temporary distance learning approval and do not submit their DLSA for subjects that are approvable, then any temporary approval will expire on 31 January 2021.

For further information regarding temporary distance learning approvals, please email hnqa@pearson.com.

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