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Changes to qualification approval process for BTEC Higher Nationals

New applications to deliver BTEC Higher Nationals are being aligned with the re-approval process to reflect the additional scrutiny required before Pearson can grant approval to deliver BTEC HNs.

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The new process will help us to verify that the delivery standards can be maintained by centres for each qualification they’d like to deliver.

A new fee structure will also apply in order to cover the costs of the additional time and resources involved in considering HN programme approval applications.

Approvals submitted from 1st May 2019 will be subject to the following fees:

  • Desk-based review - £250.00
  • Approval visit - £500 (combination of desk-based review and visit fee of £250.00)

The maximum amount a centre can pay per HN programme approval is £500. The fee is a one-off payment which covers the qualification approval period.

The Approval Briefer will determine if an approval visit is necessary and this will depend on the HN subject and whether there are particular resource requirements.

The new process will apply to all programme approval applications BTEC Higher National qualifications, including both RQF and SRF qualifications, started after 1st May 2019. If you’re looking to add a new BTEC HN to your existing qualification portfolio, the process will also apply.

If you have any queries about the HN programme approval fee please contact

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