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BTEC First Diplomas: Draft specifications available

5 February 2013

Seven new Pearson BTEC First Diplomas are now under Ofqual review. Subject to accreditation, they’ll be ready for first teaching from September 2013.

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The level 2, 480 GLH Diploma will be available in the following sectors:

  • Art and Design
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Health and Social Care
  • Information and Creative Technology
  • Performing Arts
  • Sport.

Our next generation qualifications are building on BTEC Firsts’ long-standing reputation for providing the highest standard of vocational learning, giving learners a robust platform from which to progress to further or higher education or employment.

Support for your BTEC First Diploma

 We’ve made some important developments and improvements in our next generation Diplomas:

  • Size: The 480 GLH Diploma size is designed to be a better fit within a one-year programme of study and to give learners the opportunity to embark on a course of substantial size required as part of the new Study Programmes.
  • Assessment: As with all sizes of the new next generation BTEC Firsts, all learners will be assessed on the same core and mandatory units including two externally assessed units, ensuring these qualifications provide a core of underpinning knowledge and skills which prepare learners for progression beyond level 2.
  • New specialist units: We’ve introduced specialist units, including a project unit, with content particularly appropriate for 16+ learners preparing to progress to a level 3 course such as a BTEC National.
  • Support:  In addition to Delivery Guides, Sample Assessment Materials (SAMs), mapping documents, Authorised Assignment Briefs and your annual quality review visit, your Standards Verifier will now also visit you every year to support practitioners delivering the Diploma size, and to help you set up and run your BTEC Diploma programme with confidence.

The draft specification and SAMs are now available online, and we’ll update you as soon as we receive accreditation.


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