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A level PE ICE and assessment materials now available

28 October 2013

The summer 2014 instructions for the conduct of examinations (ICE) and assessment document is now available. Please refer to this document to assist you in preparation for assessment during summer 2014.

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The main amendments are as follows:

  • Guidance about the use of footnotes has been added. The same guidance has now been added to the CRAFs for 6PE02 1V/E and 6PE04 1B

  • Process for resitting Unit 2 and Unit 4 has been clarified

  • Initial contact questionnaire now has specific reference to the leader supplying the programme of their activity to the moderator

  • Checklist for task 4.1 development plan - physiological now has 'Overload' - applied' and 'Borg Scale' added

  • Separate checklists for task 4.1 development plan -  'technical', 'official' and 'leader' have been created.

You'll find these on the A level PE course materials page.

Amendment to the mark adjustment process where either Unit 2 or Unit 4 is moderated during a centre (cluster) visit

From summer 2014, if we advise a centre that their marking is not in line with the national standard, instead of adjusting the marking themselves, this adjustment will be completed by us. Verbal feedback on the day of the centre visit will refer to lenient/harsh/inconsistent marking. The moderator is unable to confirm how much a centre's marking will be adjusted until all components of Unit 2 and Unit 4 have been moderated (6PE02 1B and 6PE04 1B).

If you have any questions about any of this, please contact the PE assessment team at


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