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Videos to assist the transition from GCSE to A level Maths

28 October 2020

The transition from GCSE to A level Maths can be challenging but, with plenty of practice, it most certainly is a rewarding experience. In order to support teachers and students during the ongoing disruption caused by COVID-19, we have created 123 free videos to help with this transition which students can use to learn independently at home or in the classroom.

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The videos cover a range of topics and are accompanied by practice questions and exam questions to consolidate and sharpen students' mathematical skills. Each section follows a simple step by step process and focuses on activities which will help students to master the key skills that are needed in both AS and A level Mathematics. Download the Instruction guide (PDF | 941 KB) to learn more. The topics are mainly those found in the overlap between GCSE and AS mathematics.

We will also be hosting a network event around transition to A level Maths which will explain different ways to use this resource, taking place on Thursday 12 November from 16.00 – 17.30 BST.

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Each chapter contains between 10 and 15 videos for students to watch, along with a downloadable PDF of example questions, practice questions and end of chapter exam questions for consolidation.

This is a useful resource for teachers to set as pre-requisite learning for students to soften the transition to A level Maths, to help with fluency of key skills and as an excellent independent learning resource to accelerate and consolidate learning. 

It is also useful for post-16 re-sit students studying A level Maths and for AS level Maths revision.

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